I am going to return this sweater because it's too big.

Let's use this car.

Would you mind waiting here just a moment?

Was it necessary to inflict such a punishment on him?

She cannot have done well at school.

I'll return at 6:30.

Usain Bolt is still the world's fastest man.

Werner is just careful.

I'm pretty sure Raif understands French.

I don't want Teriann at my party.

I couldn't write a single word.

But for her help, he would have failed.


Could you repeat that slower?

We bought two crates of beer.

Beverly sighed.


I'm ready for my next challenge.

Cows abound on that farm.

Can we wait a little bit longer?

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Promise us you won't hurt them.

Freedom lies in simplicity.

They elected Taro captain of their team.

You are old enough to understand this.

According to the terms of the contract, your payment was due on May 31st.

If Shakespeare were still living, he'd be over 450 years old.

We can't just leave her.

Her journey was delayed because of the train.

Have you ever taken part in this work?

Shankar poured some milk from the bottle into a bowl for his cat.

At last, the end-of-term exams are over.

This is complete madness!

That statement is incorrect.


She asked us to leave her alone.

If there is no objection, we will close the meeting now.

I have to design a new poster for the film.

I'm OK with that.

I don't exorcise anyone.

Gary helped out with that.

He told his son to get down from the ladder.

Are you going to buy the car?

I'm having a lot of fun.

Major doesn't like to talk about his problems.

Would you like some breakfast?


Suu is assertive.


It looks like we're staying here tonight.


I'm a little drunk.


An application of a qualifier precludes non-partaking instances from the compound meaning of a term.

This makes me sad.

The teacher often emphasizes that students should have courage.

I was at a musical recently, in the third row. Seeing the actor I love up close like that made me feel more smitten with him than ever.

This concert was awesome.

I got nauseous.

I didn't lie to you.

I have no more than ten English books.

I know that it's the truth.

Thousands of vehicles cross this bridge every day.

Don't forget them.

The girl turned her back to the man.

We talked about many things.

All three of them got in the limo.

Must I take this lesson?


That must be very exciting.

I could find his address.

Take her back.


He made me attend the party in his place.

I told them I'm not interested.

I've lived here my entire life.

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Then there shouldn't be any problem.

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Ken is good at swimming.

Pilot never gives anything to anybody.

May I suggest another strategy?

What can I get you?

Reading is not less necessary to our mind than food is to our body.

I think your eyes are very beautiful.

Vassos says it's a possibility.

I have trouble falling asleep because I always have a lot on my mind.

She's not more beautiful than their mother.


Stan has always carried a torch for Liz.

Stacy didn't even bother knocking on the door.

Moonlight came through the windows.

I'm very sad.

What bee has stung you?

This case is well-documented.

Every night, she stays up until her husband returns home.

Dalton needs to improve her grades.

I went out for a walk.

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Another bottle of wine, please.

I'd like you to see my collection of stamps.

It'll soon be six o'clock.

Irving looked into her crystal ball.

You had dinner with Kathryn last night, didn't you?

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The restaurant doesn't do lunch.

I would like to become a top model and travel all over the world.

I can't always understand everything you write.

Soon, we are all going to sleep.

That is strictly forbidden.

You know I didn't like you in the 6th grade.

The situation hasn't improved.

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He makes it a habit of waking up early.

I'm just happy as hell that you're here.

That's quite interesting.


I'm going to pay my rent tomorrow.

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Could I just talk with you?


Some lion Bruce Willis is chasing is a formidable animal, but is not ferocious.

Duane said he was planning to wear a black tuxedo.

They all need attention.

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Get away from that door.

I never saw her before today.

Hui started screaming like a 15-year old girl.

Win had no say in the matter.

I think we should get out of here.

It'll be hot.

You look like you haven't slept in days.

I wish to work in the laboratory some day.

Reiner has lived here all his life.

I came with Debbie.

Nobody forced you to help me.

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She agreed to give us an interview.


I got up so early that I caught the train.

Nici is mistaken if he thinks that he can always have his own way.

The parents expected too much of their son.

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Would you like me to come with you?

Keep pursuing your dreams.

It's not an evil idea, but it is a bad one.

As time went on, I came to doubt that that was everything I needed to know.

Sharan expected to leave early in the morning, but he overslept.

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Do you have a bottle opener I could use?

It looks like we have everything.

I felt like I would die.


My mother is making a cake for my father.

I didn't know she was that old.

Nicolas went to the hardware store to buy some nails.

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A long time ago, there lived an old king on a small island.

You'll repent at the cross.

We hope to meet you at UK97.

Tommy is sharpening his pencil.

He's very good at playing guitar.

The cannon went off by accident.

Even at the end of the nineteenth century, sailors in the British Navy were not permitted to use knives and forks because using them was considered a sign of weakness.

The weather forecast says it will be fine tomorrow.

I forgot just how fun you are to hang out with.

Someone will do it.

It's a beautiful job.

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

It's almost too late.

This year too there are many regular concerts for amateur musicians being held.

Jack made it very clear that he wants to go out with you.

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Walking along this street, I often see a friend of mine.

I've gotten kind of used to doing things by myself.

I had a difficult time in Mexico because I couldn't understand all of the Spanish.

"Did you watch TV last week?" "No, I didn't."

This book goes on the top shelf.

This place is in shambles.

Scott didn't pay his taxes on time.

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There'll be quite a lot of scenes like this in the next few programs.

I like to take photos.

My child, what hast thou done?

He rode his bicycle there.

Sharon will be down in a minute.

You're clear to go.

We learn about ancient Rome and Greece.


Whatever you need to talk about, if I will do, I'll answer with loving care.

Timo has escaped.

The whole class took the test.


There's something fishy going on.


In ten years, all households will have Internet connection.

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Lana has been weak for some time now.

Frogs turn into princes only in fairy tales.

We won't tell anyone about them.