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Our company is planning to build a new chemical plant in Russia.

He eats nothing other than fruit.

You're the leader.

But you like it!

Everyone except me knew it.

They made him an offer.

Take a real break!

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What exactly are they?

One language will never be enough.

She will be a college student next spring.

I wonder what Neil will be doing tomorrow afternoon.

He's out of position.

His mother felt ashamed for him.

The ESA put a satellite into orbit.

I have to comb my hair.

Study about different brain waves to see why you think that you are always working.

She can tell the most outrageous lie without batting an eye.

This skirt hangs nicely.

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The girl did not say anything.


Christian's hysterical.


I'm not abandoning them.

America is the land of opportunity.

That was the only difference.

He has aged a great deal lately.

Curt told Helen to take the afternoon off.

He looked at the picture.

How long ago did the author die?

What do you study a foreign language for?

You spend more time with them than me.

Jock ignored the suggestion.

Miracles do happen.


What was that for?


Yesterday I met Piete on the way to school.


It never occurred to me that he might be sick.

I wish you had said something to us before.

The sky is clear almost every day.

I won't always be around to help you.

Please deposit your turd in the bag provided.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Matthias.

I certainly hope not.

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She got burnt in the right hand.

The joint in my left elbow hurts.

Cathrin is wearing a new outfit.

My mom got mad and yelled at me.

I'm going to make you a list of what to buy.

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Mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.

We've got several more of the same kind of articles.

We're going to a new bar tonight. Do you want to come along?

I'm at an office party.

He's a gentleman.


There are milliards of stars in the universe.

People carried their own weight then.

Did that happen recently?

Having lots of free time, I've decided to study French.

If only I get a chance to see him.

I took a taxi to get there in time.

I like to be at home.

They were going to hang Wendi.

She is always cold-hearted.


List must have a lot of money.

I'll be right outside.

Mwa should probably go home now.

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The puncture wound was very deep and had to be examined for infection.

I didn't even realize that.

On hearing of the victory, the whole nation shouted for joy.

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Yes, it is nice, but I do not like the red color very much.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

These figures indicate three in five college first-year students are indifferent to politics.


The old woman smiled with a sigh of relief.

Barbra never gave a reason for what happened.

His soul was in heaven.

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You're a good partner.

Is that them?

I've always known that someday Hsi would leave us.

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I used too much bleach and made a hole in my shirt.

Are we really in 2014?

I didn't say it.

She shall water the garden this afternoon.

This might lead us to believe that a simple culture would make use of a simple language, that a complex culture would make use of a complex language, and so on.


I don't feel much like eating.


Sergei, don't interrupt.

Why does he want to join the army?

These flowers aren't for you.

You could do a lot worse than Lester.

The president of the university is likely to resign.


Antony ordered a pizza.

What is the main purpose of your studying English?

Why don't you take the cat out with you?

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Ginny said he's going to try something he has never done before.

Kee noticed Gunnar wasn't driving the same car that he saw her driving before.

Cole and Ozan were sitting next to each other on the couch.

Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children because of a pre-existing condition like asthma and diabetes, providing peace of mind for parents of the more than 17.6 million children with pre-existing conditions. Starting in 2014, no American can be discriminated against due to a pre-existing condition.

Explain that to me.

Your shoes aren't the right size.

This fish is not fit to eat.

I made a big mistake when choosing my wife.

Do you have a point card?

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We must draw a line in the sand.

The Italians always drink wine.

"I haven't been feeling too good lately." "You had better go to a doctor."

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We need to make the change now.

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I can't believe you're not as excited as I am.


We don't always know what makes us happy.

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I have not yet learned whether he reached there or not.

Her heart has been hardening all throughout her string of bad hookups.

Her finger bleeds.

I was a little bit disappointed.

Effectively, she insulted me.

The days are dragging slowly by.

I forgot that today was April Fool's Day.


I have three pieces of baggage.

The building to the right of that office building is the Tokyo Building.

Don't get so emotional.

Farmers store vegetables for the winter.

You can't see him today.


Is the water in the Black Sea actually black?

I want this room sealed.

She is knitting a sweater.

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I want it for my cat!

He lives off campus.

Isn't there anything that will make you feel better?

She is reading it.

One American was killed in the fight.

You need help, Annard.

This is a secret just between you and me, so don't let it slip out.

Molly has a big clock.

A strange man threatened her with a knife.


I want to thank you for coming here.

You just sat there and did nothing.

The pressure for tax reform is growing.

He is second to none when it comes to debating.

What time do you take a bath?

We're not dead yet.

I like you a lot, Terrence.

He is particularly kind to her.

Everything that they did was for us.

In the end it is not possible to fully know somebody else.

We all are really something!


I'm awfully fed up with Grace, Kevan, Boston and French.

What's our goal?

I put on a little weight last year.

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I never knew my parents.

Daryl goes jogging every morning, rain or shine.

I've always been creative.

We don't know each other.

There are many scenic places in Xinjiang.

We didn't need to ask him to resign.

Have you already had breakfast?

Decide for yourself what you think is normal.

Don't be melodramatic.

He who walks the straight and narrow path must resist temptations of all sorts.

They succeeded in the negotiation.

I have nothing to add.

There are plenty of rocks.

I always stay at their house when I'm in town.

I thought I had seen Manjeri somewhere before.

Lorien didn't know what Moses was talking about.

I'll deal with that later.

He is going to be a doctor when he grows up.

Johnnie said he enjoyed it.

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Sid stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the third floor.

How is it possible that you don't have time?

We survived!

The elephant's skin is very tough.

The doctor painted Siegurd's throat with iodine.

He was afraid of his wife.

I don't know what made me do that.