I couldn't keep up with Ravindranath.

The text needs to be translated into Belarusian.


What is it for?

Rafik pocketed the money.

I have a headache today.

Joni would surely agree.

Joel couldn't get to sleep because he had drunk too much coffee after supper.

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You have to get us out of here.

Sorry, but I'm a little slow-witted.

The face was was so white, so thin, with eyes so large, wild, and hungry-looking, and the black, unkempt hair, into which the snow had drifted, formed so strange and weird a frame to the picture, that I was fairly startled.

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I can't believe Kyung made a mistake like that.


I warned Jimmy not to eat anything Walter cooked.

The company's competitive edge will be eroded if system engineers continue to leave.

They dismissed what Miek was saying.


Lou isn't normal.

She has always been faithful to her husband.

She belted out tune after tune at the karaoke bar.

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He lost both his parents at an early age.


I'll tell you what I think.

I'd like a shot of tequila.

Take your time.

They strolled along the beach.

Today I cooked some little jam tarts with my cousin.

That's where I stand.

You won't get anywhere arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

You write very neatly, don't you?

I feel that I've wasted your time.

Matthias has no intention of apologizing to Antony.

If you want to understand people, you shouldn't take any notice of what they say.


I've been thinking over the issue for a long time.

I told you it wasn't him.

It is necessary for you to study harder.

Can you give that to them?

Martyn and Lenora thought it would be a shame if much of the oral history they had so patiently gathered were to be lost because of not being written down. Because neither of them knew shorthand, they bought an audio recorder so that they could better enjoy their visits with Rodger's three living grandparents without having to focus on taking careful written notes.

My mother didn't want me to be like that.

That's an understatement.


Frederic mentioned Mitchell's name twice.


If I killed myself, everyone would be happy, wouldn't they?

Which one of those is yours?

I'm a bit late.

How do we do that?

I don't burn them.

No sooner had the girl caught sight of the monster than she ran away.

I can't calculate as fast as he.

Hardly had I closed my eyes when I fell asleep.

I hesitated to leave his grave.


What are you going to do this evening?

Newton thought the world had been created in 4000 BC.

You will suffer because of that.

We need that report by tomorrow.

Lukas is out of control.

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Imogen of the Internet blatantly forsakes web accessibility guidelines when redesigning her Tumblr for the twelfth time today.

He put the blue folder down on the table.

I think it's really important for you to visit Donal in the hospital.

I don't want to deceive you.

Ernst found a job.

Astronomers have observed sixty-two moons orbiting Saturn.

He has friends from many different walks of life.

You're pretty good at this.

Carsten's doctor told him that he should quit smoking.

We will notify you when your order arrives.

Many good grades will loom on the horizon.


I don't think married people should have secrets from each other.

Kari can show him.

Martyn gave me a hint.

This shirt is the standard size.

Elric can't be that bad.

I remember what you said last night.

That's the whole point.


We have to find Nicolette.

I'm begging you. I'll do anything you want!

Monty's father was a pastor.

Napoleon's horse was white.

Morton definitely needs to take a vacation.

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His wife is in the hospital because she was injured in a car crash.

Why do you think Dan would do this?

Susumu said he didn't know how to do it.

I'm fasting.

He set us by the ears.

I want you to explain it to me in more detail.

You don't have to know all the details.

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I've got good news for you, Bradford.


Surely you don't believe that.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

I'm not working for you anymore.


Seal the doors.

Stacey doesn't drink now.

Sympathy is for chumps.


Can you speak English?

The guests arrived in dribs and drabs.

Loyd doesn't have a girlfriend.

She left her children behind.

Does he have many books?

Will you please just wait a minute?

Show that the matrix is diagonalisable.

His strange habit confounded them.

Moore let me go.


I've cancelled the newspaper subscription.

I wish I could tell you the truth.

He's a shamus.

It tastes a lot like chicken.

He's a very nice guy.

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Almost everyone I know can speak French.

Am I handsome or not?

Why do you think I'm not happy?


Make way, dude. I'm coming through.

I'll see if Seymour wants to come over.

She asked him to give her some money.

It seemed that she had already received the money.

That'll be inconvenient.

I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

He went to see her in hospital every other day.

I'll be here if you want me.

You have made many mistakes.

There are rumors that their marriage is in trouble.

I see that you're a patriot.

She has a good reputation.

If he continues drinking too much, he will fall ill sooner or later.

I got very tired, but I felt good.

I thought you said you weren't attracted to Brian.


I'll pound you at thumb wars anytime.


He is sure to be cut from the team.

I got a message from her.

When I was a kid, I thought that if I died the world would just disappear. What a childish delusion! I just couldn't accept that the world could continue to exist without me.


He didn't find what I hid.

I don't think that's what you wanted to do.

The test was real easy.


The committee decided to call off the strike.

Stupidity is riding a bike that doesn't have brakes.

I had my decayed tooth removed.

Some months have thirty days, others thirty one.

I don't find that helpful.

You did something incredibly stupid.

In case I don't survive, preserve my brain.

Keep moving.

We've probably blown a fuse.

The teacher said we had to learn all these expressions by heart.

Is it really that hard to speak French?

I've rarely seen him so quiet.

He lied about the matter.

Let's begin our work at once.

Reject all its lies and vulgarity.

Coleen is a very good friend of mine.

Like it or not, you have to take this medicine.

It's shiny.

Wendell says he's really sorry.

The flower gave out a sweet smell.

He idles away the time.

Do you have that in blue?

I still have a headache, but I'm feeling better this morning.

We should probably not tell Brett.

Anton threw a rock at the bottle, hit it and broke it.

He was really the man we were looking for.

Got it?

My parents are getting divorced.

The skin is the largest organ of the body.

He broke his word.

It takes two years for the butterfly to mature.

He made me write the letter with a pen.

He is a living fossil!

She hung a little Picasso on the wall of the drawing room.

Why is this so expensive?


You may as well as go to bed now.

How would you translate it?

Well, you can hardly blame Sidney, can you?


She recognized the master spy with multiple identities when his wig fell off.

Water is scarce in this area.

Russell is still a teenager, isn't he?

I think I should've asked for help.

As soon as Diana closed the front door behind him, he realised that his house keys were on the bench inside his apartment.


Can't you see we're talking?