Have you ever shot a rifle?

He has an estate in the country.

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That's when I knew Terrance was lying.


You never liked her.

Did you accomplish the task?

Myron is an interesting guy.

A glass of cold water is very refreshing in hot weather.

We'll make a cowboy out of you yet.


Tanaka sat on the floor between the door and Santa.


Howard certainly knew how to take advantage of Brenda.

I wanted you to know.

This is simply amazing.

Ruth isn't poor.

We like to listen to birds singing.


Did you buy the pomegranate juice?

We went to the beach and swam all day.

I personally could care less.

I wish Lila was here.

I don't know why this happened.

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The man dashed the bottle against the wall.

Bradford didn't feel like eating.

I didn't give anything to him.

Stanly sued his neighbor.

Gene came over yesterday with one of his friends.

Well, what's happening?

Even though student numbers are increasing, on the whole, fewer scholarships have been granted.

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I was supposed to be in graduate school by now.

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Hey, are you crazy?

He was not a happy camper.

I don't remember Bradley's last name.

The bridge crosses the bay.

Is this a new photo?

I go to see my friend in hospital every other day.

That's simply not true.

She told us that we must call a doctor immediately.

It shouldn't be that way.


It might be a good idea to get some sleep.

How much does the kilo of onions cost?

I tried to give him some advice, but he just abused me violently.


Space science is still in its infancy.

I've decided to leave Boston.

Calcium is not an alkali metal.

Did he go to see Ning?

It doesn't get any easier.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Don't touch it!

She is buying bread.

Sweet dreams, my princess.

I'm thinking about putting my house up for sale.

Josip waters his lawn at least once a week when there's no rain.

He never said that.

I'm sorry, but I can't find the book you lent me.

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One can still see the ship.

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Windy this morning, isn't it?


The land could just be discerned through the mist.

But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

The sentence has been deleted.

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If he knew, he would tell us.

Ralph is such a jerk.

My pillow was drenched with tears.

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May I introduce myself, my name is Lucas.

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I didn't think that university would be so much fun.

Do you like your steak rare?

Things got messy.

Sanjib frowned nervously.

Whenever you come home late, your parents will start harping you on it, and you'll find it unbearable. No matter how late it gets, they'll stay up just to wait for you. They should just go to sleep already, don't you think?

Dani is fine now.

Have you been watching me?


Sandra might not know how to speak French.

A dog is a faithful animal, so it is said to be a friend of man.

I'll ring them tomorrow when I come home.

In about ten days the first fermentation will definitely be finished.

That totally slipped my mind.

You can't stop the wind from blowing, but you can build windmills.

I'm taking a walk with my dog.

Don't put off the work till tomorrow.

The influence of covariates on the primary outcome variable was explored using logistic regression.


Christmas is the birthday of one whose chief contribution to the human heart and mind was his message of boundless, universal love. He brought to the world the greatest thing in the world and that is why the season of his birth has won such an intimate place in our heart.

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Everett is still out cold.

Kirk shouldn't have said anything.

I only entrusted the secret to you.

We voted for the candidate.

The alert witness recognized the criminal.


What's your diagnosis?

We made brochures at small cost.

You are invited to a Bar-Mitzva in a week.

Linley told me he needed to talk.

They spoke to each other on the phone.

She went out of the restaurant.

Jeffery counted the change.


You should've listened to her.

I stopped by your place the other day.

Where else do you want to go?


How much money do you have on you right now?


Dannie is a good driver.

I'm not saying anything.

It is a task beyond my power.


You can have a lot of friends, until you want to go stay with them.

She didn't want to speak to anyone.

Something's burning.

Why did you bring him here?

This is a film for men.

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I'm just about finished doing the laundry.


She has had quite a lot to drink.

I've had my pocket calculator stolen.

Maybe you should just leave.


He interfered with the fans.

She's a hopeless case.

He is chubby.

Stu lives in a Hispanic neighborhood.

I cannot run faster than he.

The leaves have begun to change colors.

What were you doing at that particular moment?

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See, I told you Dawn couldn't swim.

Every school kid has played hooky at one time or another.

Let's take a closer look at it.


How can I turn down the air conditioner?


I say we get a smoothie.

Coated vascular stents didn't prove their superiority over bare metal vascular stents.

Jeanne never knew his father.

I met Meg in Kyoto last week.

Carisa will have to do it by himself.

The dentist told me to open my mouth.

Seymour noticed that Roxana was looking at him.

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I visited the town for the first time in a long time.

I lived in Boston last year.

Why do bees die after stinging?

How would you feel?

There is a cat five meters from the tree.


In those days, a new type of democracy was rising.

It's too far to walk.

Duke heard the guard approaching.

I doubt the truth of the report.

I'm e-mailing to follow up on our phone conversation this morning.

The field mice were eating up the farmers' grain.

Are you from England?


Why didn't they go?

Do you really want to help them?

I was scared of her.

He's Georgian.

He is a bad boy.

I have to leave now.

Farmers have to get used to dealing with the variability of the weather.

Do you speak French every day?

It'll cost at least five dollars.


Most people who have lived in a foreign country have experienced some form of culture shock, although many people don't recognize it in themselves.

Put that cookie back in the box!

Things are complicated.

I hear you're moving back to Boston.

The House cut the budget for foreign aid.


It'll help you save energy.

I forgot my lunch and bought a sandwich at school.

Sekar didn't commit the crime he's been accused of.

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Will said he'd help Conrad.

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I asked him.

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I walk, but not because I don't own a car.

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Jeannette doesn't have a savings account.

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She gave me a doll.

The boy spilled the ink, but he didn't mean to.

"How was the test?" "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be."