One of my dreams is to study the Icelandic language.

May I ask you some more questions?

"I shall go to the market this afternoon. How about you?" "No, I will not go."

The plane was delayed for two hours on account of the bad weather.

I can't identify it.

Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.

I plead ignorance.

You should be proud of what you have accomplished.

I want to see the world.

No one would've cared.

Let's hope Peter doesn't try to do that.

Tomorrow's job must be thought through yesterday.


We've come too far to go back now.

Suddenly, Hiroko burst into tears.

I don't have enough money to pay this month's rent.

Are you the new secretary?

Jelske misses his daughter.

Darrell has been found.

Well I'll be buggered!

I see no reason to change our plans.

It's doubtful whether Joon will be there.

I am going to work during the spring vacation.

You won't need to worry about that again.

He's worried about the result.

Corey is a resident of Boston.


You're very successful.

You don't look the same.

Is something bothering you?


It is rumored there are treasures hidden there.

I didn't realize you were hungry.

These hot springs possess properties for healing wounds.


Where did Magnus work?

The doctor thinks carefully before deciding what medicine to give.

Wolfgang buried Trevor right beside his house.

I'm wondering if I love him.

I'm sure you don't want to go.

We want you to take command of this unified force.

It is sad that so few people give money to help the hungry.

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I thought I wouldn't find you.


The three big men eat.

The plane was lost sight of in the clouds.

Let me show you.


Dan was thrown out of the club.

There's nothing in this drawer.

By the time Louis got to the shop it was shut.

Nobody ever listens.

I suggest you don't ask Duncan those questions.

The work I'm doing now requires originality.

Don't tell me you dated them?

A few people clapped after his lecture.

Barney advised Grant to go to the hospital.


What did I say wrong?

I always put off doing my homework and get into trouble.

Paula's favorite sport is baseball.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try.

In the desert, I think.

She hired a private detective to inquire into the case.

I must strongly caution you against going with Dwight.

Collin struck the wall with her fist.

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Ken is so busy that he can't come.

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In the autumn, leaves fall from trees.

That will be enough for the moment.

He was suspended from school for a week for bad conduct.

The examples in this dictionary are easy to understand.

He could speak French.


Don't worry. I'll look after your dog for you.

You made my night!

The food was so good that I ate too much.

I'm not sure what you're asking me.

Stay in your homes.


You should wait in the lobby.

You don't get to decide that.

Is the product in the ad already out of stock?

Margot watches on TV all informative programms

She would have called me if she'd had my phone number.

There's almost no coffee left in the pot.

Kate is a sweet girl.


That's a plan.


Don't forget to let me know when it's time.


That looks really bad.

I would like to see Mr Terry Tate.

City firms vied with each other to hire the brightest young staff.

Jackye would like to take part in the contest.

I have my orders.

Marcia couldn't be nicer.

I bet you Miriam will be late.

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David didn't testify.

Hey! There's an American who speaks Uyghur here! Hurry up and get over here to inspect his computer!

Elliott never wanted to do anything we asked him to do.

Vince could've ruined everything.

He knows how to fish with a fishing rod.

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I borrowed those comics from her sister.


We can leave after lunch.

Eli talked with her friends about it.

Oil and water don't blend.

We've got more money than they do.

Your flight's canceled.

Single or double room?

Because I speak Chinese.

All the buildings on this block will be demolished.

Beth was looking forward to meeting him, but he never showed up.


The window is made of glass.

I really must say good-bye.

Mr Jones was looked upon as a great scholar.

I understand your concerns.

The kids are driving me crazy.


What's your favorite screen saver?

But it lets us get into the church.

This sentence isn't written clearly.

Everything is under control.

I am persuading him to come.


What's diamond is diamond, what's flint is flint.

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Ask her to wait till I come.

Can I begin?

What is music for you, listener, and for you, performer?


I've been stuck here for three days.

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I'm sorry I can't tell you more about it.


People call her Yotchan.

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Hillel has a baby face.

She's the assistant manager.

In space, no one can hear you scream.

Darin is now on the phone.

To translate a Czech text is very difficult.


You'd better get out of here.

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Can't you see right?

A people free to choose will always choose peace.

We must be alert to dangers.

The sea is calm.

I've never seen Hirotoshi this mad before.

Why don't you take off your coat?

How long has he lived in London?

I like you very much.

This squirrel is allergic to nuts.


We are quick to kiss and makeup. We make sure arguments make us stronger, not weaker.

We only speak French at home.

The gift card read: "To my darling wife, Happy Anniversary! Love, Murthy."

Do you know Barbra's boyfriend's name?

I would sometimes travel abroad alone.

Tracey couldn't answer their questions.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with that aircraft.


He recommended me to apply for the job.

I can't do this for much longer.

I can't go to class right now.

That river seems shallow, doesn't it?

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the bag.

We're in good hands.

We rented a truck to move our furniture.

You're cultured.

Winnie is a very strong man.

I don't want to watch this video.

Go have fun.

Gunnar walked to the window and looked outside.

It is the students' duty to clean their classrooms.


Did you ever ask Josip how much he was paid for that job?


Is there anything you want to do right now?

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They intend to join the two in marriage.

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Rees quickly closed the door before any mosquitoes could get in.

They'll respond.

Felix and Noam were the only ones that left.

We're going to need your help, aren't we?

You should stay away from Blaine today.


I looked into the mirror.

I studied French in school, but I'm not very good at it.

One of the greatest hurdles facing middle school students learning English is relative pronouns.