November 2018

ATOOL calls for industry-wide support in ‘last fight’ with city hall

by Mike Beggs

An estimated crowd of 120 industry members turned out at Montecassino Banquet Hall on October 10 to hear details of the All Taxi Owners and Operators Limited’s (ATOOL) proposed $1.7 billion class action suit against the City of Toronto.

Saying their economic situation is, “getting worse by the day”, ATOOL’s steering committee members urged the city’s 5,500 taxi plate holders to make a $500 contribution and get behind the cause. MORE

Uber’s fortunes continue to rise despite insistent drum roll of disturbing news

by Mike Beggs

With its groundbreaking virtual dispatching technology, oft-discounted rates, deep pockets, and ultra-aggressive lobbying, Uber has quickly grown into one of the world’s largest, most valuable transportation companies.

Poised to go public in 2019, its’ valuation could come in at $120 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal -- making this Silicon Valley firm worth more than Honda ($49.3 billion), Tesla ($46.9 billion),General Motors ($45.3 billion), Ford ($34.4 billion) and Fiat/Chrysler ($25.1 billion). 703-443-0823

‘How many nails can they put in our coffin?’

This month’s Cover Cab says he and his fellow TTL operators are being driven into the grave by the City of Toronto’s unsustainable regulatory regime

by Mike Beggs

“I came into this business with a different vision,” Toronto Taxi License holder Murtuza (“Latif”) Gowher says, despondently.

When he started driving cab 25 years back, it wasn’t easy, he says, but at least he could make a living. He now finds himself tethered to a TTL plate and pricey wheelchair accessible van, and says it’s “worse than brutal” -- the conditions only exacerbated by the “insane competition” from almost 70,000 Uber X and other Private Transportation Company (PTC) vehicles. MORE



Shame on you, Toronto

In 2016 Toronto Council made a hugely disruptive political decision with no care or regard for the fundamental dollars and cents economics of the taxi industry. And no one in the industry has been hit harder by Council’s negligence than the City’s TTL operators. Toronto Council created the TTL operators’ hellish predicament and now it’s time to fix it.




How many nails can they put in our coffin?

Quebec grants Uber free ride for another year

City owed industry ‘duty to care’, claims $1.7 billion ATOOL law suit

TLT hearing occasions lengthy discussion of Charter rights


This month’s Cover Cab is 25-year veteran Murtuza Gowher, one of the City’s 550 increasingly desperate and angry TTL operators. To learn more about Gowher and his friends’ cruel predicament, see our story 734-308-1269.