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The revolution has begun

Unluck the power of your personal data. Every swipe, like and tweet - Datacoup helps you capture, control and profit from your data.

  • Capture

    You create vast sums of data every day. It's time to plant your flag and stake your claim.

    Reclaim the data you create on the web and connect it to your datacoup account.

  • Control

    It's your data, after all. With Datacoup, you decide what happens to your data.

    Decide which data to make available and which purchasers can access it.

  • Profit

    Turn your personal data into personal currency, worth real cold hard cash.

    Become the primary benificiary of the profits made from your data.

  • Earn Cash

    Get paid cash for sharing anonymized data with companies that want to learn about consumers.

  • Retain Value

    Unlimited storage helps you collect all your valuable data.

  • Make Donations

    Use your data to make cash donations to your favorite cause.

  • Save It

    With bank level security, your data will be secured at the highest level

  • Gain Insight

    Contribute your data to scientific research to discover more.

  • Earn deep discounts

    Receive discounts on products and services you really care about.

Own your data

Your personal data dashboard is a secure and easy to use place for you to capture, control and profit from your personal data.