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Die erste zu 100 % mit echtem Silber gedeckte Kryptowährung - made in Germany.

Mit ARG3NTUM bieten wir ein inflationsfreies und sicheres Investitions- und Zahlungsmittel, das unabhängig von Banken und aktuellen Fiat-Währungssystemen funktioniert.

Pure Silver:

100%% deposit in silver stabilses the price.

Stellar Blockchain:

creates security and enables fast action.

ARG3NTUM combines physical ownership and digital trading of silver to create a secure and inflation-free investment and payment instrument.

Classical fiat and crypto currencies such as the USD and Bitcoin are highly fungible, but not really stable in value due to the lack of a deposit with real values and state quantity control.


Genuine securities such as gold and silver, on the other hand, offer high value stability, but due to their physical nature and the associated limited divisibility, they can only be used for classical trading to a very limited extent.


ARG3NTUM combines the best of both worlds: A secure and inflation-free investment and payment instrument that functions independently of banks and currency systems.

The challenge.

  • Fiat money is controlled and constantly devalued by central institutions. Institutions have gambled away citizens' trust.
  • Trading in physical precious metals through intermediaries is extremely expensive. Synthetic products dominate the market and deceive investors.
  • Crypto currencies are complex and highly speculative. Lack of physical backing and valuability leads to high volatility.

The solution with ARG3NTUM.

With ARG3NTUM we are revolutionizing silver trading: With the innovative Stellar Blockchain technology we offer you not only low transaction costs coupled with low spreads when buying and selling physical silver, but also efficient and traceable processes as well as maximum tradability. The silver with which your ARG3NTUM tokens are stored belongs to you at all times and is stored in high-security vaults of our partner BRINKS, Inc. in Canada.

With ARG3NTUM, we create a crypto currency with stable value and a fully covered asset that functions largely independently of traditional banking and currency systems. By backing each AAA token with exactly one gram of fine silver (99.9% purity), a long-term stable connection is created and thus a secure and inflation-free investment and payment medium.

For crypto traders.

  • Low volatility
  • Independent of Fiat systems
  • Portfolio diversification

For precious metal investors.

  • Flexible divisibility
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Safe storage in Canada

It's that easy to get an AAA token.

Buy physical silver fully digitally at attractive conditions. Simply register and get started right now!


Using the registration form, you can send us all the relevant data with just a few clicks so that we can set up your personal AAA account.


Then we compare the entered data with the uploaded photos of your identity card and immediately send you an e-mail confirming your account activation.


Once your account has been activated, you can log into your personal ARG3NTUM Dashboard with your email address and password.

Purchase of ARG3NTUM tokens.

And you can start buying the desired amount of ARG3NTUM tokens: 1 gram of physical silver = 1 ARG3NTUM Token.

ARG3NTUM features at a glance.

Physical underlying …

… through 100%% backing with real silver: 1 gram silver = 1 ARG3NTUM (AAA) Token.

Deutsche Regulatorik-Compliance & professionelles Auditing…

… für maximale Transparenz und Sicherheit.

Geringe Transaktionskosten & wettbewerbsüberlegener Preis…

… durch technologische Effizienz der Stellar Blockchain, gezielte Disintermediation und volldigitalen Handel.

Sichere und leistungsstarke Stellar Blockchain…

… ermöglicht transparente und nachvollziehbare Prozesse.

Vollständiger Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Prozess…

… u.a. zur Absicherung gegen Geldwäsche.

Wiederherstellbarkeit des Vermögens…

… auch bei Verlust der Zugangsdaten („Private Key“).

So entstehen ARG3NTUM-Token

Silver storage.

We buy real fine silver from the Royal Canadian Mint and store it in the high security vault of our partner Brinks in Canada.

Token generation.

For every gram of silver we generate exactly one virtual ARG3NTUM token - without any mining processes, energy-efficient and resource-saving.

Store of value.

The ARG3NTUM tokens can now be traded and used as flexible value storage thanks to the backing of silver.

Buy now!

  • Already from 0.44 Euro per AAA token
  • Permanent connection: 1 AAA token = 1 gram fine silver
  • Buy real silver digitally in just a few steps

How much AAA do you want to buy?

AAA-Token      =