Pia's not happy with that.

I'd say that's a good idea.

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You should've gone home already.

This style of hat is now in fashion.

All the world are good and agreeable in your eyes.

I missed you today.

The price of rice rose by three percent.


I was happy to see them go.

Why are you ruining my life?

Does the room have a bath?

Have we seen the last of Liber?

Smoking does much harm but no good.


Your mom is so cute!


Brandy is neatly dressed.

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Many different types of flowers were in bloom in the garden.


Brent is quite old, isn't he?

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Children like drinking fruit juice.


You knew Val better than I did.

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Please support Lojban!

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I used to pretend I was her.

Dion has his beard trimmed by a barber.

She asked me for money.

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Phill was a teacher.

I have a simple plan for getting Trent to agree.

She kissed away the boy's tears.

Are you free tonight?

The new movie was a great success.

I can't make excuses for you.

They invited her to go to the party.

I've seen the way she looks at you.

I wonder who can swim fastest.

I doubled over with laughter.

Well, should we get started?

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Come and see me if you have any time.

We're still a little confused.

I still can't believe I did that.

What movies just opened?

He is an industrious student.

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Playing chess requires a certain amount of skill.


They are going to put the bad law in force.

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She's frightened by loud noises.

I'm Kimberly's friend.

Good day. Are you Mr. Sherlock Holmes?

I thought she was sick.

He's a very lucky man.

Dustin began to feel hot under the collar.

I'd like it if you would cook dinner for me.


He has knowledge and experience as well.


I do believe it's called a leek.

The precious results of democracy are the apple of the people's eye and the people will fight to maintain these ideals.

Did you get good grades in junior high school?

He wiped out the recording.

One and one makes two.

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Do it by all means.

Ken and Rex got married three months later.

They were caught off-guard.

I want a full report as soon as possible.

Rajendra started talking with Hienz.

They were silent for a moment.

I want to help you with your homework.


She is my one and only.

Why did I trust you?

Brush your teeth every day.

Which solution is best?

I don't work on Mondays.

Do you know who's in charge?

Dana went back into the house to get an umbrella.

It seemed unlikely that Pamela wouldn't come to Wendy's birthday party.

I advise you to listen to him.


Do you think Alain would help us?

I've been in Boston since 2013.

Aha, you did it, didn't you?

We men are used to waiting for the women.

My dog is an Alaskan malamute, not a husky.

She will make it.

Are you Arabic?

I'm not mean.

Konstantinos raises orchids.


We're not prepared for that.

Bill can speak Japanese a little.

I don't speak your language.

She was called away to the party.

She scarcely goes out except on business.


Thomas was named after his father.

What are the children doing in the garden?

Why is my brother so stupid?

I want you to analyze this.

You can't watch the game.

Steven's mother was heartbroken.

Mick is holding out.

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When you don't know what to do, ask the host.

Eddie lived there by himself.

Jones will know what you're talking about.

Yesterday my sister went to Kobe.

This book deals with psychology.

They offer free condoms.

Those twin brothers have similar faces.

I ate a fresh lemon for the vitamin C.

Utterly different from Cris was his friend John, who was kind and benevolent.


Computers are used to send messages by e-mail.

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How many faces does a cube have?

Thinking is one thing, doing is another.

Andy was looking for you to say goodbye.

Alastair put on his snowshoes.

I have a lot of household chores today.


What do you have under the shirt?


I spoke so slowly so that the children might understand me.

You're right. I have to go on living.

My neighbour has renovated his house completely.

Is that what you want to talk to me about?

I thought it was stupid.

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Things are about to get ugly.

With all due respect, I think they both had valid points.

Kemal might not have missed the last train.

About 20 people were injured.

I was forced to take the drug against my will.

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Here we are at Tokyo Station.

In our society we find men of integrity along with crooks.

Sangho took his secret to the grave.

I'm not usually like this.

His ability has been overlooked by his boss.

Approximately how large is the community?

The box was crushed during transport and the contents flew out.


What's he doing there?

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I would do it again if I had to.

It was obvious to all that he meant it.

We got something for her.

I am not your enemy.

Do you speak like the Italians?

We are attracted by what you are.

Can I take a selfie with you?

They have no children, as far as I know.

I'll ask Norma for some money.

You were very hungry, weren't you?

Sean lives a very busy, compartmentalised life.

He was ashamed of his ignorance.

Please don't die!

It is a Chinese tradition to welcome spring with flowers.

Cris looked a little bewildered.

Presley is drinking some water.

You're not helping, Vic.


There is no use in making excuses.

Joon took his seat.

He is not what he seems.

These are your things.

Patrice used to live in the same apartment building as me.

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You're one of the most generous people I ever met.

My breakfast usually consists of coffee with milk, a piece of bread and jam, a small banana, a piece of orange and some dried plums.

Manufactured imports into Japan have increased considerably.

A husband and wife promise always to love each other.

The advancement of modern medicine was a long process.

He's unlikely to want to get involved.

I'm honorable.

He vividly depicted the confusion following the earthquake.

Every writer writes in the way that accords with his own idiosyncrasies.

Israel said he wanted to talk to Naomi.

The money was enough to establish him in business.

Who is your favourite director

I'd like to talk to you for a minute.


This movie is starting to get really interesting.

Olaf can't believe Gary really believes that.

I was trying to distract her.

Gabriel will say yes.

I have to get her.

Harris is too thin.

The truth of the matter gradually dawned on me.