The wild wind was blowing.

What do you associate this song with?

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Do you want to discuss it?

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Here's a new tip for you!

Where can we obtain a book of metro tickets?

I cut up all but one of my credit cards.

We started all at once.

Why is the police here?

He must be over fifty.

She told me her mum bought it for her.

I promise I won't bite you.

They may go.

Jiri drank three glasses of water.

I've never seen Vishal do what you say he always does.

When did you get so smart?

I'm probably going to be a little late.


Niels gave thanks to God.

I read an interesting book yesterday.

I'd like to meet with her.

I'm taking a week off to do some fishing.

How would you describe yourself?

We're intimate friends.

It's best to go to the dentist at regular intervals.

Man proposes, God disposes.

I don't think I'm uninteresting.


For how many nights?


Two years ago, the idea of offering a research semester for particularly interested and committed teachers became reality. The aim is to improve communication between schools and universities. Since teachers are the best people for diffusing newly acquired knowledge, they will be given the opportunity to spend a research sabbatical at a university and to subsequently integrate this knowledge into classroom teaching.

I don't have to call anybody.

What a happy coincidence!

We usually connect Americans with freedom.

I thought Venkata was with Mick.

Gypsy opened his mouth to protest.

There once was a tiny sprite, much loved by children. She would frolic with the birds and the beasts in the forest, and sing songs, or play her flute; sometimes, she would visit the village, where the humans lived, and cavort with her favorite boys and girls.

Robbin is quite unsophisticated.

How many full moons are there in a year?

Pine trees can grow up to thirty meters tall.

I skied for the first time.

She is looked up to by her friends.

Who burned the cake?

I'm not my father.

The girls were all excited at the thought of meeting the actor.

Do you still need me?

I did something I regret.

We want to find Gale.

The way I see it, he is right.

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My father hates my reading a newspaper at breakfast.

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Try as I might, I just cannot stay awake in front of the TV at night.

The plant's closure spelt disaster for the town.

Are they ready to talk?

The best day of my life was the day I met Myron.

Get off my lawn, you young whippersnapper!


This was not supposed to happen.


Juha has three ex-wives.

Sehyo wanted Carol to read him a story.

Susan fell in love with Linda.

What are the odds?

Who plays the keyboards in your band?

What do you have under the shirt?

It makes no fucking sense.

She said that she had to be back before dawn.

I thought you would love it.

We were not prepared for the assault.

Don't play around too much after school.

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Objection, your honor!


I'm being extra careful not to get in Win's way.

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I've been in contact with her.

How dare you marry my daughter without my consent!

I'm looking for Sergiu. You haven't seen him, have you?

It is unbearably hot this summer.

I wish I had been with her then.


I'd like to talk to someone about what I saw.

To my great surprise, her eyes fixed on me and she smiled.

Her mother will continue to work.


I know it was an accident.


I can't be friends with them.

This was my dad's favorite tie.

She'll says everything and change nothing.


We drink everything except water.


Klaudia has already decided what he wants to do.


We don't need to give Lou the money he's asking for.

Vadim told me that he didn't want to come home empty-handed.

Kit made it quite clear what he didn't want us to do.

It is entirely up to him whether he does it or not.

Here are your instructions.

I invite comments without resorting to insults.

We've got to go warn her.

Wait a moment.

You aren't well.

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My friend is obsessed with this.

My sister will get married early next year.

Now we have to be very careful.


Multiplication is commutative, division is not.

Do no harm to others.

He had to go without food for days.

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A young woman most penitently confessed to a friend of mine that an unholy desire to read women's magazines was her besetting 'temptation'.

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They forced me to sing a song.

Blake does love you.

She is awake.

She was in charge of the office while I was away on a trip to Kyoto for a week.

According to the chief of police, there were no survivors.

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There will be another showing of this movie in two hours.

Where did that injury on your foot come from?

"Oh man! If I was as cool as Jaime was, I'd have three girlfriends" - "I have another opinion about that. In any case, Edmund has no girlfriend."


It is possible that you have already read this book.

I was strong.

I can't believe they hired me.


She wondered where she had lost her purse.

He has accumulated quite a collection of books.

It's either everything or nothing.


He still remembers the day his mother found out he was smoking.

My car is out of gas.

Does it hurt when I press here?


What do you want her for?

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I left the notes in the dormitory. I'll go back and get them now.


I am afraid of the dark places we go.

His uncle worked as a pipe fitter for 36 years, exposing him to lead, exotic gases, and other interesting chemicals.

Bring me this.

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Do you know why it's happening?

He fired blanks.

I have a patient who's in a lot of pain.

My gas bill for last month was very high.

My uncle is a very heavy smoker; tobacco is indispensable to him.


You'll feel better if you drink this medicine.


I wonder who that girl is.

He is all nerves.

When Andrew met Todd he knew he'd met the love of his life.

I knew I should've gone with you.

Naoto waited patiently for her turn to see the exhibition.

We'll never do that.

That noise distracts me.

Rod is getting better.

I wish I'd never told Ariel that I loved him.

All of you did good work.

That's the answer to all my problems.

It seemed the quarrel would finally be talked out, when Mark added fuel to the fire by bringing up the question of who was guilty.

Fritz is much taller than I am.

London has been fun.

Robert and I ate together in the school cafeteria.

He is able to speak Japanese.

Mr Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.

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Graham was captured almost immediately.


When Judith came back from this long trip he seemed not to enjoy his home country anymore.

Hector went downtown to do shopping.

English is as fine a means of communication as any in the world.


Comb over your essay before submitting it.

Keep to the right.

I was only gone for thirty minutes.

If you go that way and I go that way, we can cover more ground together.

He supplied food and money to them.

Do you want to see what I just made?

What else did the thief take?

Will you take me home?

The drama differs from the original story.


Bring Noemi in here.

It seems like it will take me a while to get accustomed to life here.

She has a lot of history books.

Both men took off.

Didn't I tell you to go to bed?

We can't get Morton on the phone.

One of these kids knows it.

I hope Jeany doesn't get too upset.

Sergiu told me that he doesn't like Stephen.


After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.