Mick will need some help.

Les said that won't happen.

The house on the corner looks empty.

You've got the wrong person.

Sharan tied his laces.

Their names were erased from the list.

Whenever you visit him, you will find him playing video games.

There's so much we haven't done yet.

We will show you how to catch a fish.


I wasn't the only one to do so.


The company sent out a memo with an apology for the mistake.

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I don't believe in spells and charms.

Why did you let her go?

Is it the best thing they did?

They are currently attending a meeting.

Did life on Earth start on Mars?

Jane was quite at a loss when and where to go.

A sharp pain pierced her stomach.


I need to get over him.

Curtis isn't really a doctor, you know.

Amedeo may do whatever he wants to.

Going to this school requires a lot of money.

It was an accident, Francois.

Don't wait on my account.

If Miki had money, he wouldn't be here.

We have dinner at seven.

I was wondering if you could give me a lift.

I don't have anybody.

Between the ages of 15 and 16, he grew three whole inches.


Pitching camp on sand banks that go under at high tide is a truly stupid thing to do.

Martha has bad eyes.

We'll have a barbecue at the beach.

I was as surprised as Arlene was.

Gil was injured.

I wish there were a more modern translation of this book.

The crew lowered the body into the sea.


I cannot lend this dictionary. I always need it.

I'm afraid this tie is too loud.

There were nineteen graduates for the batch of Spanish class.

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Soon after, it began to rain.


Don't work too much, OK?

Wolf managed to escape.

You've got to be careful what you say to people who are easily offended.


I don't eat poultry.


I hadn't known there were so many idiots in the world until I started using the Internet.

Man, don't be daft.

Todd is pretty good at changing the subject.

They're going to torture him.

We're working here, and he's just watching.

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I swear, I wouldn't date you if I was on fire and you were the last bucket of water.

Dimitry has a crush on Betsy.

Sammy Davis was an excellent singer.

You made a wise choice.

Have you ever scratched your back with a backscratcher made in Japan?


I believe that argument to be misleading.

They didn't hurt me.

I was surprised when I saw Omar hit Malus.

It's time to wake Sandy up.

He stayed there a little while.

Pangolins are said to be the world's most trafficked mammal.

I have an appointment tonight.


The Canadian women's hockey team won the gold medal.

This cellular phone is really expensive.

Frank is one of my old drinking buddies.

Don't come here.

I had a good time.

Staying up late is not good for the health.

You're looking extraordinarily handsome.


Sassan didn't need any sort of help.

I like neither of the cakes.

I heard he was terrible at remembering sequences of numbers.

I speak Classical Greek.

You shouldn't even try making sense of it.

We're all quite fond of Rudolph.

Is Kee still studying at Harvard?


I was ten minutes late for school.


This is tofu.

Free stuff is great.

I'm afraid that wasn't possible.

The water in this village is contaminated by arsenic.

Support the local enonomy while getting drunk!

The manager implied that a modest man was suitable for the position.

You need to have strong thigh muscles to skate.

Jeffie has found Roy's diary.

We'll fix it.

I'm taking her home with me.

Now it's here.

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I can make this go away.

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I like the waves of the Black Sea.

Honzo looked everywhere for Richard, but couldn't find her.

That's what we've got to figure out.


It's healthy for your body.


It's back to square one.

You know it, don't you?

I didn't know if he was flirting.

My grandfather is in his nineties.

I don't think Lee will believe Sri.

She does not have the money for buying a new car.

How can you trust these people?

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He reported fully what he had seen to the police.

That idea we were discussing in class yesterday really piqued my interest.

Emmett is very knowledgeable about Japanese art.

You're acting like a fool.

In case you see him, please say hello to him for me.

She was angry and confused.

He boasted of having won the prize.

Am I allowed to ask how you feel?

I swear I didn't see Timothy.

Some French mayors have been trying to outlaw the so-called burkini, an extremely modest garment which some Muslim women wear on trips to the beach. Critics of such measures have pointed out the fact that the garment, which covers most of the body and even the arms and legs, strongly resembles the thermal wetsuits used by divers and surfers.

Alain probably went out for some air.


Why does luck hate her?

Is he loved in Japan?

Astronomers use Latin for naming celestial objects.


Skip is more optimistic.

Clara is doing quite a job.

I should've told you no.

She stormed off in a huff.

"I hear Erik and Rhonda are getting a divorce." "That's the rumor."


Stay in the car.

I'm playing in the garden.

Saad knew Aaron understood what he meant.

I had a dog when I was a kid.

Brandi looked for Angela everywhere.

Look at this grand view of the ocean.

He played the part of Hamlet.

Jisheng won the lottery, but went bankrupt a year later.

Did you use toilet paper?

Rodger tended to the fire.

Don't pick it up.

This assignment presents many difficulties.

Mick'll wait.

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I can be what I am, but I'd never be able to hurt a fly.

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Many high-level officials attended the meeting.


Rafael couldn't quite believe what was happening.

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Dannie might want to go with you.

I'd like to know how Derek got a hold of our private documents.

He is what we call a pioneer.

We had to sell the building because for years we had operated it at a loss.

Victor overheard us.

The number of automobiles has been increasing.

He has bought a book written in English in the book store.


Good morning, I would like to reserve a room.

Will had the room to himself.

Tyler is a forest ranger.

How did you kill Noam?

Can you see what's wrong with this picture?


The air smells like spring flowers.

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We could go out together like we did last year.

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I thank you for your cooperation.

Stop this mess right now!

She wants the most bang for her buck.

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Sanjib doesn't like Bart.

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Marek does nothing but watch TV.


She would delight in catching flies and tearing off their wings.

She has married a nobody.

I don't need anything from you to be happy.


Straka said he feels great.

You'd have to ask him.

He was excited by nationalistic sentiment.

Some psychologists raise doubts about Pepperberg's research.

I get the feeling that you want to leave.

I'll have to resign myself to being alone while you're away.

This laptop is thin and light.