Thou shouldst smell the roses.

Noam is certain that Stevan will come to school today.

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The boy was silent.

Have you lied to me?

I'd be interested in seeing the house you used to live in.

It was inevitable that they would meet.

Where did you park the car?

He doesn't know where he should be.

He availed himself of the offer.

Of soccer and rugby, I prefer the latter.

I can't find my watch.

We make milk into cheese and butter.

My brother has a dog.


I know about Sharan and Norma.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.

The car is on the street.

Yesterday was my birthday.

It takes time to speak a foreign language well.

Have you decided on a name yet for the baby?

I think you're ruining your life.


She speaks good English.

How many trees are there in this park?

Let me win for once.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

I find it difficult to express my thoughts with words.


Everyone has domestic troubles from time to time.

He was in deep grief at the death of his wife.

I keep telling you I don't want to study French.


She fell and broke her nose.


They roamed about the forest.

There's a small shop on the corner that is open 24 hours a day.

Our records show that the invoice No.1111 is still outstanding.

He is my closest friend; we are like brothers.

Look at me!

I don't have much money in my bank account.

Shari has a daughter who's very beautiful.

I don't know what is worse.

Mr Tamura succeeded in the business world.

The word "esperanto" means "one who hopes". It was the pseudonym of the creator of the international language.

This hall isn't a movie theater, but you can project a movie in here.

Because the refrigerator door had remained open, much of the food spoiled.

He asked for a cigarette.

Can you show them to me?

Old and Howard were worried about getting caught by the police.


There is a limit to everything.


My cousins live near the beach.


Cindie is a very good boy.

Whether he wrote the novel or not is not known.

I've got to call Guido.

Give me your honest opinion.

He lives in New York.


In the morning, we clear the futon.

Do you have any birthmarks?

What is the most populous city in Wyoming ?

I don't want her seeing this.

Did you come to town?

She came out of the room.

It's not blood.


I don't want to disturb them.


The students of this school can get textbooks for free.


May I exchange this shirt for a smaller size?

Ruth didn't take very many pictures.

The Van Horn family was affluent.

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Have a nice Thanksgiving!

And the boy grew older.

He is not the type of man who depends on others for help.

I could use a drink.

He is suffering from loss of memory.


She did a great job.

I saw Toft blush.

In the financial world opposition is apparently increasing against the withdrawal of the proposed bill.


In late November, they attacked Finland.


Ritalynne wants to take everyone's picture tomorrow.

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I thoroughly regretted staying up so late, come morning.

I went there recently.

Why are you in my house?

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Please don't touch this.

Do you have to give a talk?

Merry Spring Festival!

I noticed that all day long men were working on the quayside.

Srinivasan freaked out.

Space seems to be asking himself that same question.

I think Les would be a good name.

It's strange that she came home so late at night.

I got ten dollars from my grandfather.

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Juan got to the airport just in the nick of time.

Charleen is becoming more and more like his father every day.

You're a lawyer, right?


Get off of my roof.


The trailer goes with the car.


It's clear that there's a rather strong disagreement between the two.

Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, has the postal code 8000.

The seat of the chair needs repairing.

Rafael has been accused of murdering Hein.

Have you been listening to what Nici is saying?

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If I take a hot shower the mirror in the bathroom fogs up.

She's hardly been here but I don't know where she is now.

What's the harm?

Sid told Loukas to meet him at the library.

I've never heard someone type so loud in my entire life.

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It was a scurrilous attack.

No matter how hard I try, I can't do it any better than she can.

The three animals tried to help the old man, the monkey using its ability to climb to collect fruit and nuts, and the fox catching fish in the stream to bring to him.


I'm not supposed to do that.

It is healthier to climb the stairs.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to help.

Ross shed tears.

I'm sure you did the best you could.

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He moves quickly.


How long have you been teaching English?

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How many people are there in the store?

As he wants to buy a car, he puts aside money.

She was none the better for the treatment.

You're supposed to be on my side.

The store is closed for good. It's been liquidated.

Revised couldn't get Major to tell him why she was unhappy.

He is working hard so that he may pass the examination.

I told Mitchell he'd have our full support.

She is on a diet to lose weight.

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I don't like this camera.

Helios is the Greek god of the sun.

I'm sorry Mohammed, I forgot your name!

I'm surprised Brodie didn't mention Sue.

I wonder if that's Micheal.

Peggy certainly is good at making snap decisions.

I know what a stapler is.

Do you like pears?

He is nothing more than an egoist.


I'll contact you when we're finished.

Winston would've loved this place.

I addressed my full attention to the landscape outside.

Come what may, I am prepared for it.

He applied his theory to some cases.


Eggs are sold by the dozen.


It's still a little early for snow.


Mwa and Al haven't decided yet whether they'll have children.

She was ready to help him with cleaning the house.

We'll help them.

By and large, your idea is a good one.

I thought you were going to be here yesterday.

To make sure that I said all the right things in the letter.

I saw a few drunks in the park singing and dancing.

You don't want to be happy.

Takayuki asked his boss for a pay raise.

Who are you insured with?

She told him a joke.

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Somebody is watching me.


I'd like to reserve a table for four at six.


It is rude of him not to give me a call.

I think I'm fine right now.

I thought you weren't coming back.

There used to be a green field here; now there's a supermarket.

He is impatient enough to get angry easily.

They asked after my father.

She likes strawberries and her sister likes apples.

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This book contains a lot of photos.

Hui dialed Lex's number.

Vincent shouldn't have eaten so much.

I'd like to discuss this with Sanity.

The pronoun "hen" is approved in Sweden.

I submitted my report to him.

The letters on the four sides of the dreidel are the first letters of the words in the sentence; "A great miracle happened here."