How do you know all that?

Don't stand on ceremony. Just make yourself at home.

I saw a friend of mine yesterday.


Do be careful.

What a tall boy he is!

Don't talk to him about it.


You remind me of my mother.


There is one big difference.


He's a nerd.


I sell a new umbrella.

Each has his own taste.

We know you were involved.

Archie, what are you doing in here?

Can't you go tomorrow morning?

I'll take first shift.

I have to say, his safety plan is well thought-out.

Allah is everywhere.

Chuck ran toward the door.

We have evidence to suggest that maybe Indra was involved.

Clear off the shelf, and you can put your books there.

Does she dare to go into the forest?

I hope it helps.

You know them, I think.

That shouldn't be much of a problem.

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The convention opened as planned.

...and sent forth the dove; and she returned not again unto him any more.

Are you ever wrong?

How can I find him?

Nobody saw us leave the room.

They're fools.

The sisters lived to be 100 years old.


I bought an umbrella.

All you have to do is talk.

I often go sailing on weekends.

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I look younger than 20 years old.

Spring is on the way!

The starlet is a little long in the tooth.

I like driving.

We cannot respect such a great man too much.

Did you know Jin had gotten fired?

Are you sure you're going to be all right?

We saw the news.

Cristi can't swim at all. On the other hand, he is a good baseball player.

When looking for a new job, do not forget to read the want ads in the newspaper.

We were very tired at the time.

My name is Peter.


Daniel is the only child of Jacob.

What can Grace do to help?


I'm actually beginning to like them.

Could you please follow up on that idea after the meeting?

Stagger was sitting on the couch next to Anatoly.

Are you for the war or against it?

She is only critical of me.


Elliot looked toward the horizon.


If he succeeds, Americans will lose credibility.

He had three sons.

Konstantinos was killed in the line of duty.


If they are not free, please let me know how much the catalogue and the postage to Japan are.


Sandy and Daniele were alone in the hall, talking to each other.

Today, the dinosaurs disappeared.

He made up his mind right away.


The simplest dishes are often the best.

She's easily distracted.

You must give me what I want.

How much time does it usually take you to eat breakfast?

He was at dinner.


Leung didn't go home last night.

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That isn't exactly what I said.


Microwaves penetrate the food in the oven.

How many people does this ship's crew consist of?

You look just like your older brother.


That's not just bad, it's also punishable by the law.

Tonight, I'll miss you.

It isn't enough.


The glacier moves but by inches.

I don't know who you are.

You have to wear a helmet to protect your head.


A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.

Is she making a doll?

Will you teach me some French?

What did that mean?

He studied on a scholarship.

Some non-native speakers think they speak the language better than native speakers.

I translate sentences on Tatoeba in my spare time.

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Isaac considered Shamim like a piece of garbage.

Can I tell them why?

I never should've let them go.

There's no denying the harmful effects of smoking.

You need to give Morgan some money.

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Hey, Irfan, glad I caught you.

Tracy wasn't kidding.

Let us support participatory practices.


Why won't Paul tell us anything?

They established official relations in 1979.

The more things I have, the more I am going to have to clean.

I've asked myself that question a million times.

I think Leora had a real good year.

"Up to this point has been the official story, which Kirika also knows." "By which you mean there is also an unofficial?"

Terrence's voice cracked on a high note.


Don't ride the brake, Norman.

I don't want to remember.

He who demands much, gets much. He who demands too much, gets nothing.

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He was denounced as a coward.


Oh my God! Someone is knocking at the door!

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Nobody can tell you who your father is.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would stay.

"Never mind that, what's with that get up ... a swimming suit!?" "That's right. Sexy isn't it? Feeling horny?"

Donna shouldn't have tried to tackle that alone.

Kyle has been a little depressed recently.

I wouldn't blame Julian.

There's a lovely view from the bridge.

You've already done enough.

Jim took Pantelis to a beachfront restaurant for dinner.

We don't want that.

He was in the depth of misery.

You know what's wrong with you?

She happened to know his address.

I've got nothing against you.

We need three more chairs.

I thought I'd buy one of these for Mac.

She said that what they were doing was contrary to the company's sexual harassment policy.


She claims that she knows nothing about him.

You must be kidding me.

People in this village have no running water.

He broke himself of the bad habit of smoking.

Don't you know that he passed away two years ago?

There's a good view of Mt. Akagi from upstairs.

What did you do to get expelled from school?

I'll act as a guide for you.

I won't let him do that.

They should be ignored.

I don't like getting dressed up.

It's mine.

We have to get off at the next station.

Maybe you should've thought of that before you did what you did.

Try to utilize your leisure for reading.

You can't fight a good fight with such a defeatist attitude.

Jane appears to be enjoying the party.

Let's sing together.

You didn't mention that on the phone.

I had to pay five more dollars.

My family were very fond of my girlfriend.

To do him justice, he's done some good work.

He knows how to eat with chopsticks.

You're wanted in the principal's office.

Doug was wounded in a burglary.

Metaphors are much more tenacious than facts.

Winnie thanked Brandon again.


Hotta's parents got divorced when he was thirteen.

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Tell Matt when to come.

The trees were very scarce.

It wouldn't be the first time that happened.


Gale is a crooked cop.

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Let's watch TV.

Ira could only think of one thing he really wanted to do.

His theory is based on many facts.


Lar and Kiki went skiing in the Alps.

Pierce pointed to his chest.

Give Emet and the others a call.

I've been ordered to do this.

I will never know the reason why he lied to me.


He is no match for his wife.

Raanan killed Margot.

I would like something to drink.