Go there now.

The factory did not want him.


Under the circumstances, I don't think Harris would mind.


I guess we're getting old.

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Are you sure you want to go with Spock?

This is quite a place.

It has been many years since she died.

Caleb is mad at me because she thinks I stole her boyfriend.

Matt is cooking eggs.

I have a right wing neighbor.

Say hello to your friends.


He's wearing long johns.


I want that report on my desk in one hour.


No intelligent person drinks and then drives.

As there was no taxi, I had to walk home.

I haven't yet read the report.

The test result isn't what I expected.

No need to explain.

It isn't necessary.

Piercarlo said that he was very busy.


Some buttered toast floated in the hot chicken soup.


Perhaps you'd better do this.


Stop bullying.

She seems to have had a very hard time.

I cut off the head and the arms and the legs.

He'll do anything to score some drugs.

Loukas never washes his car.

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I have to trust him.

Pieter never agrees with Teriann.

The search for the appropriate adjective proved to be difficult.

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If I were you, I'd paint it blue.

He will harvest his wheat in July.

I'm not very good at remembering names.

I don't think you've ever met Darren.

Donald Trump warned that if he does not win, the United States could turn into "Argentina or Venezuela."

This book is very heavy.

Do you want to build a snowman?

I saw them a while back.

I thought I'd surprise them.

Please help yourself to the fruit.

I've got a terrific surprise for you.


Why are squirrels so cute?


This is a hotel, not a brothel.

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Jean-Christophe doesn't seem to want to study today.

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Let's wait for a while and see how you do.

What an idea!

Fuzzy logic maps a spectrum of logical states onto the unit interval, which may then be divided into regions by fuzzy hedges.

Thank you for coming!

We need to find it.

Spencer says he's not the one who did that.

A frog in a well doesn't know the ocean.

Nate tried to concentrate.

I didn't want to get out of bed.

Any offence against himself he forgave readily.

That movie is worth seeing.


It won't be long before we can enjoy space travel.


Few of my friends have two cars.

Necessity knows no law.

I have a lot of work to do.

We have information for Raghu.

Everyone's holding their breath.

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But while I am here, do you think you could replace the batteries?

Do you have any Japanese newspapers?

I had the wrong things.

The plane arrived exactly at nine.

Bring him here immediately.

Did Ozan ask Gerard any questions?

They must be happy.

What elements can occur?

I can squeeze you in.

Geoff could've refused.

Enos became the first chimp to orbit the earth on November 29, 1961, aboard a Mercury Atlas rocket. Although the mission plan originally called for three orbits, due to a malfunctioning thruster and other technical difficulties, flight controllers were forced to terminate Enos' flight after two orbits. Enos landed in the recovery area and was picked up 75 minutes after splashdown. He was found to be in good overall condition.

I was on the train for twelve hours.

Wait a minute! Whose hair is this?!

There's nothing I can do to dissuade him.

Blood stains don't usually disappear.

She knows what you did.

I want you to know that I'll always love you.

She took me under her wing.

Why don't you sit down?

You can reach me at this number.

Take this medicine faithfully, and you will feel better.

She speaks Arabic.

We know you like them.

Rodger told Sonja to stop.

Mistakes are teachers.

They're attempting to contact her.

Some people like him and other people don't.

At what time can you be there?

Put your manners back in.

Tricia died of liver cancer.

He left for Tokyo on urgent business by the 7 o'clock express this morning.

I know all of them.

The letter is being written at this very minute.

Should I bring a salad or something?

Congratulations on your win!

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There was no TV or radio in those days.

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Tell him to help me.

I let them sleep in.

I have no idea where Alain hid the money.

That's a dangerous line of work.

The workers packed up at 2 o'clock on account of the rain.

Japan is in the eastern part of Asia.

Although he is rich he works very hard.

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Have you seen my pen?

It's being manipulated by investors trying to make it rich.

Write the essay and don't get distracted.

Jeany must be making a mint.

Hey, why are you crying?

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How is it at school?

You lied to her.

Who speaks Russian?


It's a waste of time and a waste of money.


You shouldn't talk about Jack behind his back.

The singer is very popular with teenage fans.

Kathryn doesn't know what's really going on.


Have you heard that a psychic dwarf just escaped from prison? There's a small medium at large!

I'd be happy to tell Wilson.

Could you carry these suitcases for me?

They're acting on their own.

Are you enjoying the holidays?

I didn't have lunch today.

Clare did that for us.

I'm glad we reached an agreement.

Creativity and uniqueness certainly go a long way.

We all have children.

Emily saw the file.

Jurevis can stay here if he's willing to do some of the chores.

Do you agree that 2 in a set with 2 is a set with one member?

We're imagining things.

We went shopping.


There's a revision of his work.

Is that why you came to see me?

She's not afraid of political correctness.

Is there any sugar in the pot?

It is on his father that he depends.


Did the dog bark?


A red ball is mixed in with the white ones.


That's Takeuchi's answer for everything.

My cat wasn't impressed.

You can't let him suffer.

I'm begging you, could you stop treating me like a pet?

Can you teach me how to do that?

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Finish your work.


Derek knows Naoto better than anyone else here does.


Lawrence agreed to meet Amanda in front of the laundromat.

Stephan laughed at me.

I set my watch ahead one hour.

Do you recognize any of these names?

I know how you felt about her.

Why have you brought me here?

Claudia couldn't believe what was happening.


Let's get this over with quickly.


I've been waiting for someone to invite me.


I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive.

I haven't called her back.

You must keep up a good relationship with your neighbors.

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I'm sorry for not being more supportive when you needed me to be.


It sounds like you've tried everything.

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You are not actually an idiot.

Rhonda claimed to be the owner of the land.

I still have some homework to do.